• Greg Noble
  • Bruno Noble

The Nobles came to live in New Zealand quite by accident. In 2002 we flew out from England to oversee work on the Great Barrier Island house Greg had designed as a connection to the country he left as a 21 year old. We arrived on Barrier expecting to find the house someway near completion, but as it was, it hadn't even come out of the ground - Barrier time is slightly different to the pace of London we were used to.

Consequently we missed our flight back home and decided to give Island life a go. Six months later, the house was completed and it came time to choose furniture. Georgie didn't want anything less than the most beautiful furniture in the world, and when she realised that Poltrona Frau wasn't available in New Zealand, she set to work securing the exclusive distribution rights. A short time later, we were driving along Parnell Road when we spied a For Lease sign in the window of the old Timberland space at number 80. Greg immediately saw potential in the site and two days later we'd signed up. The next few months were spent in Milan meeting with prospective suppliers, and thus GeorgiGregg was founded.

Today, our son Bruno works alongside us, running operations while Georgie oversees interiors on Greg's architectural projects. GeorgiGregg is a family business, dealing solely with centuries-old Italian family businesses. We pride ourselves on our good taste, personal service and experience in the twin fields of furniture and design. We love what we do and we are wholly committed to providing New Zealand with the best furniture in the world ... Do come in and have a look.

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